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Heavenly Scents is a company born of a passionate love of natural fragrances & scientific interest in aromatherapeutics.  The two arts are inextricably & harmoniously entwined.  You cannot have one without the other.  All scent impacts us even if imperceptibly.
Early in my study of aromatherapy I rediscovered the complex & sensual world of fragrance inherent in the essential oils.  An old love rekindled as I expanded my studies to include the exotic & ancient art of natural perfumery.
Today an enormous body of scientific study has begun to unlock the mysterious impact the olfactory sense has on the human mind & body.  The archaic perfumers intuitively understood this connection.  As did the One who placed these heavenly scented substances on our planet for us to discover & enjoy.

Please browse my site & discover the joy of natural perfumery.  You will find detailed descriptions of my perfumes to help you select your favorite.
 Sheila Kriebel-Perfumer

Heavenly Scents
Sheila Kriebel-Perfumer
1075 Lambert Hollow Lane
Granville, TN  38564
(931) 653-4350


1.) Jasmine-Jasminum Grandiflorum  2.) Ylang Ylang-Canaga Odorata   3.) Lavender-Lavandula Augustifolia
Pink Lotus-Nelumbo Nucifera 5.) Rose Centifolia-Rosa Bulgaria  6.) Frangipani-Plumeria
Rose Damask-Rosa Damascena
   8.)  Vetiverve-the perfume that launched Heavenly Scents

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